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Pink City goes Red

Chaos and destruction in Jaipur

Hate to say this, but I knew this was coming. Over 60 dead, 150+ injured. This is an unfortunate price that India pays for being in the neighborhood that it is in. There are gasses in the Sun that are more stable than the political environment in South Asia. Every time there’s a change-of-guard in Pakistan, India bears the brunt of some attack or the other. Now, there’s every possibility of course that this could have been the work of home-grown millitants. Certainly, the Indian government apparatus made itself no friends with it’s wanton turn-a-blind-eye approach to Gujarat. But if there isn’t any correlation between political disturbances in Pakistan and civilian attacks in India, then it’s one heck of a coincidence.I saw this coming. The print media in Pakistan, which comprises largely of mouth-pieces of the government, tends to unintentionally betray the the establishment’s thought processes. There has been a steady increase in the number of “Kashmir independence” related articles and general anti-India propaganda on Pakistani news websites – certainly the largest battery of news articles and op-eds on the subject since the 2005 peace agreement. Of course, there have always been the usual venom spewing op-eds from Shireen Mazari, but that’s just Shireen being the fire breathing old dragon that she is, and I’m not one to take her petulant diatribes seriously.

Additionally, there has also been an increase in infiltration across the LoC ever since Mushy stepped down from the pedestal. With the political dust somewhat settling in Pakistan, the (relatively) newly appointed Gen. Kayani is no doubt anxious to demonstrate to concerned parties (read separatist groups, ISI, HuM, LeT, etc.) his intentions of continuing Pakistan’s strategic policy of low-level warfare with India. The army is everything in Pakistan. Always has been. Zardari has been making all the right noises in Indian media prior to his party taking office; we all know of course that regardless of what he or Nawaz or indeed Gillani say or do, the Army will do exactly what it pleases. This may just be the beginning of the unraveling of the peace process and the resumption of hostilities between India and Pakistan. Saddle up, boys. This could be a long ride.

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