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Archive | September, 2008

Cry, the Beloved Country

Bomb blasts wrecked havoc in Indian cities in '08

India’s three year honeymoon is over. Terrorism is back in the spotlight, as is communalism. These two elements of violence are interlinked in a vicious circle.  Communal violence unleashed by the BJP’s dogsbodies alienates an already alienated minority.  The sense of alienation, rightly breeds resentment. Resentment breeds vindictiveness, which in turn could manifest itself in the form of terrorism. BJP’s venomous agenda is clear, both at the state and central levels. They live to insight communal tensions in the country, even in places where such things have been unheard of, such as Karnataka. I have always maintained that Bangalore is the most liberal metropolitan city in India, even more so than Mumbai, where nutjobs like Raj and Bal Thackeray appeal to the mob mentality to attack anything un-Marathi. Yet, the recent attacks on churches in Bangalore, not coincidentally under the watch of Karnataka’s first ever BJP administration is very concerning.

That all of this is happening while Kashmir is burning and bombs are exploding everywhere, shows the signs of a cauldron that has long been simmering, going unnoticed by the beneficiaries of the Brave New Economy. It took a seemingly minor incident (the Amarnath board issue) to trigger off massive demonstrations, riots, and renewed calls for azadi in Kashmir. In the midst of all this, that hideous serpent Arundathi Roy, decided to chime in by calling for the independence of Kashmir. She needs to explain what plans she has to save the Hindus in Jammu or the Buddhists in Ladakh from impending slaughter following the independence that she’s fighting for.  I’m yet to see what she has to say about PoK. Does it merge with J&K, thereby creating a seamless state where terrorists west of the LoC can socialize and exchange notes with those east of the LoC on how best to blow up the Parliament? I’m not saying there shouldn’t be any debate over Kashmir’s independence – that’s an issue for another day. I’m questioning, as I always do, her sanity, for adding fuel to the ongoing fire.

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