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Oscar night levity: Fluoridation

Did Colonel Qaddafi get his inspiration from General Ripper?

In Col. Qaddafi’s rambling address to his nation and the world (Youtube — 1, 2, 3), he accused Osama bin Laden of plotting against Libya and blamed the protests on the street on the country’s youth who he said had been drugged via “hallucinatory pills in their drinks, their milk, their Nescafe.”

The good Colonel has been a staunch, lifelong opponent of the “decadence of Western culture” (mostly when it works against him). So on this Oscar Awards night, I find it odd that he might have drawn inspiration for that fiery speech from a Hollywood production.

In Dr. Strangelove, General Ripper orders his nuclear-armed B-52s to attack Russia, seals his base, cuts communication with the Pentagon and orders his troops to open fire on anyone approaching his base. In the backdrop of a pitched battle between base forces and U.S. army troops, Gen. Ripper expounds on his theory about fluoridation and the “purity and essence of natural fluids” to a visibly frightened Group Captain Mandrake.

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